Monday, July 27, 2015

One Bad Thing about Christian Homeschoolers

Hey, it's pretty obvious that I love homeschooling, that I am greatly appreciative of being homeschooled both because it enabled me to be better educated and that it allowed my character to develop much better than it would have in a school setting.

But there is one thing about Christian homeschoolers that I have a hard time with. We are great kids, and we know it, but that doesn't bother me quite as much. What bothers me is that in secular settings, we are so quick to credit our behavior to homeschooling.

I will admit that I think I am more mature going through homeschooling than if I was in a Christian or public school when I was growing up. If people notice I seem more mature than my counterparts in church, I will credit homeschooling.

But if in a secular workforce or anywhere else, I seem more mature and less interested in partying than any peers my age, I hope my first thought would be to explain how that's the power of Christ in my life, and not talk about homeschooling.

Because what is the main difference between me and a public schooled kid who is involved in drugs, alcohol, and sex. It's not that I was homeschooled. Put me in a public school and I think I would still not be involved in drugs, alcohol, and sex.

The difference is that I am a Christian. The difference is that I have Christ to fulfill the hole that the other kid is filling with partying. The difference is that I have a reason to live uprightly - to serve the one who died for me.

So why is it that we as Christian homeschoolers are so willing to credit the latter part of that title with why we are different more than the former? Why do we not take the opportunity given to us to witness and share about Christ?

It's simple - we've gotten (legitimately) fired up about our form of schooling, and we want to promote it. And our actions are indicating that we want to promote it more than we wish to promote God Himself.

I hate to say it, but it seems that for many of us, we have made homeschooling an idol. Let's try to remove it from that pedestal and return it to its proper place as a means of training children in service to the Lord.

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