Monday, July 20, 2015

Human Scavengers. Worse than Believed

I can't seem to get away from this topic because it just keeps getting worse. This blog started as a result of a poorly-run campaign against the use of aborted fetal cells in testing products. Over time, the main companies that we as a consumer could do things about stopped using the cells for their products.

But profiting from the body parts from unborn murder victims continue, and now we have it in a completely different and even more heinous direction. Planned Parenthood has admitted to selling body parts from aborted babies. But what makes this even worse is that to do this one has to make sure the baby dies outside of the body, which is a legally questionable area.

It further creates the manipulation I feared where people go out of their way to utilize resources from these victims. That's kinda scary.

While I value and appreciate resourcefulness, I think that line is drawn when it comes to the sanctity of human life and the remains of human babies. I think that this is heinous and unacceptable. But then there are hardly any arguments about that.

The question is, how do we respond? What avenues are available for us here? While a legal option is necessary and beneficial for this, I don't think we should let this opportunity go unused. We have common ground with abortion advocates right now, who for the most part are equally disturbed by this situation.

That common ground could be a helpful starting point for discussion about abortion in general, as well as for the reason why we hold that abortion is murder. It hasn't to do with science, but God. This could be a prime opportunity to touch people's minds and hearts not just in the "political" views of abortion, but also in the gospel.

But more importantly, we must pray. That is the best thing we can do about this situation. Yes, we must be able to push for policy, but the battle will not be from our hands, but from the Lord. Let's pray that He will fight for us in this abortion tragedy.

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