Monday, June 8, 2015


Balling NBA Finals are ongoing. And I know absolutely nothing about it. Which is awesome place for me. I know the cavs are playing, but um... who are they playing against again. Allow me time to go Google that. Warriors. Where are they from again? Oh, Golden State. Right, there's totally a state that is entirely golden (I guess the gold rush is a thing).

I guess that just goes to show you how pitiful labels are. Sort of. I don't know. It's the segway that came to my mind. And I'm the writer, so I decide everything. Ok, fine, everything that pertains to the blog that I am writing. 

So labels are kinda useless and crazy. But yet we all gravitate toward them. Rand Paul is libertarian, we view that as either good or bad. Obama is a progressive and we view that as either good or bad. 

Of course, we acknowledge that labels are not perfect ways to categorize what people believe, but we live by the labels that people fold against us rather than actually finding a comprehensive system of beliefs and actually coming to a conclusion based on the facts. 

For us conservatives, this means that we deny all things that we can apply the label government intervention because that means progressive, and that's just a tad short of communist! This happens regardless of the merits of any individual government policy. 

This means that due purely to the labels, we lack a solid reason to actually stand where we stand, which also means that we never know why we are correct and are going to be much more easily swayed into opposing viewpoints. The labelism is thus bad for our own development. 

But of course, out emphasis on labels is also bad in that we will never be able to influence others with our ideas because those who disagree with us will not be persuaded by our appeals to labels. 

This all provides ample reason to examine policy a little bit more strongly than just applying that it falls under some arbitrary label. 

Now excuse me, it's time to put labels on this blog, so that it's easier to find things that might interest you... 

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