Monday, June 1, 2015

Evangelism Programs?

Witnessing and the Great Commission. It can't be packaged or boxed, but it is something that we are all called to do. Thus, many churches have dedicated much time and effort to create evangelistic programs. People are scheduled to go out with door hangers and make an impact on the neighborhood.

But how is that truly the fulfillment of the Great Commission? Certainly the Lord can and has used evangelistic programs such as this, but is it out best way of fulfilling our obligation, or just an easy way for us to check it off the list?

How many people truly come to church or get saved based off of an impersonal flyer. It shares the message of the Gospel if they choose to read it, rather than throw it in the trash. Walking from door to door can give you the opportunity to share... if the door is not slammed in your face.

It would seem that the best opportunity that we have to actually make an impact is with the relationships that we develop with people over time. People that constantly see our examples, who might be more willing to get involved with us personally with a Bible study or a church activity.

Evangelistic programs, though having a place, are poor substitutes for Christians living their lives as evangelists, taking every opportunity to share the message with their friends, and continually showering them with love.

It's not an easy, come, leave a flyer, and leave mission that we were called to. It extends beyond that to the development of disciples which requires a commitment to spend a good deal of time with that person. Evangelism requires cultivating a relationship.

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