Friday, June 19, 2015


Sometimes, you're just kinda exhausted. You just can't seem to keep yourself awake as you go about your regular business within your regular day. And when you're done, you just want to stay home and in bed all day.

And I had one of those days and will likely have one tomorrow. Now, don't tell me my mentor at my internship, but I dozed off in the back seat of his car twice today. After three days of getting up at 5:30 AM and then returning at 10 or 10:30 PM, while listening to people pretend they have power to make the decisions that don't actually mean anything to begin with (Southern Baptist Convention) is just a little tiring.

So I am physically and in some ways spiritually exhausted right now. Which leads me to question, how does one best handle this type of exhaustion in a way that serves God well.

First, it seems obvious to say that one must stay focused and in communion and presence of the Lord. One cannot expect to get recharged away from their power source. And in case, you had forgotten -  the Christian's power source is God.

Second, you should feel free to sleep. You are a human who does have certain needs and weaknesses. One of those is that you must have sleep in order to survive and be able to do anything productive.

Third, caffeine is a great thing because sometimes you don't have the opportunity to sleep before going to work on things. Like me, I went straight from the convention to hospital visits and other pastoral things from my internship, and caffeine probably would have greatly helped.

Fourth, did I mention sleep?

Fifth, enjoy good fellowship with others and try not to complain too heavily in their face about how tired you are. It is just a bit awkward.

Sixth, run a children's program. The energy required will not allow you to fall asleep on the job. Of course, you'll probably have difficulty still when it's over.

Finally, you should probably sleep. Because your body demands it.

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