Monday, August 10, 2015

The End of the Summer is upon Us

It's the beginning of that one time of year. The year where the relaxing elements of summer (or the busyness of your summer internship) is about to come to an end. Over the next month, schools will be back in session, which means life returns to a normal routine for anyone under the age of college graduation (because at this age, we don't care about numbers just grades).

I get the season started with my internship ending on Wednesday, my last CLEP test on Thursday, and my first meeting for the school year on Friday. I'm pretty excited about what is in store for this upcoming school year, and thankful that Cedarville's schedule involves a lot of downtime the first few days on campus.

But as at any time a routine is about to change, it is important to remember your priorities and perspective. It is now that we begin to make a schedule for our upcoming year, and that schedule needs to involve God.

Yes, I know, I right about this every year, but I believe that's because I need to be reminded every year, and I can imagine that others do as well. When you hit into the structure of a schedule, if you don't schedule time for God, it won't happen.

That of course doesn't mean that you only spend time with God during that scheduled time, but it does mean that you have that time or else no other time will be had ever. So remember that as you start thinking about your schedule for next year, you be intentional about your walk with God.

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