Monday, August 3, 2015

Found: Ebola Vaccine

Good news in the light of the people who have been dying all over the world. Wait, you had forgotten about that a little, hadn't you? Oh well, the good news is now you don't have to worry about it too much because there is a vaccine that is probably going to squelch the ebola virus where it stands.

This of course assumes that the last few tests go well, that the virus doesn't adapt too quickly before the vaccine gets mass produced and that it can be made available to the poor classes that seem to be the most effected by the disease. But all in all, those seem like decent assumptions.

Ebola is not as highly adaptive as those in the collegiate debate community would have you believe (of course, nothing is as bad as the debate community makes it seem). The whole reason the vaccine is being developed is to help people and not exploit them for greedy lucre. And the first few tests have gone amazingly well.

Here's to being cautiously optimistic.

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