Monday, March 23, 2015

Secession: Not Just for the Civil War

Secessionist movements seem to be spreading throughout the land we call the United States. South Miami wants to create a South Florida because North Florida is preventing them from acting to decrease their climate footprint.

Rural groups in Colorado, Maryland, California, and Oregon want to secede to form the states of North Colorado, West Maryland, and Jefferson (northern California and southern Oregon) because the current state legislatures are out of touch with the rural communities. 

And there is always the counties in New York that want to secede and join Pennsylvania because of lax fracking regulations. 

So it would seem that there are many movements right now to restructure the way in which our political system is currently organized. How many of them will actually succeed is unknown. Indeed it seems highly unlikely that we will see a 51st state or drastic redrawing of state borders within the near future.

But I agree with Ron Paul that these secessionist movements are an indication that Americans are willing to put in the work to ensure that their voices are heard. When the state legislature (or even the federal government) is not being representative of the people, conservatives and liberals alike will do anything to let their voice be heard. Even secession is an option. 

Though I disagree with Ron Paul that this secession will take hold and lead to the collapse of the United States and am much more pessimistic about my outlook of what a US collapse would entail for the US and the world, I think Dr. Paul is correct that these new movements are a step towards better individual representations. 

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