Friday, February 27, 2015

A Little Warning about Breaking the Routine

The firsts of Spring Breaks will be happening this week. I know it seems early, and yes it is. But there are still those few people who get to have their spring breaks this week. I'm one of those few.

If you have a more standard spring break, know that it is still coming, and you will want this post in a few weeks because this post is a short public service announcement that spring breaks are dangerous times.

When I first started college and getting myself into a regular routine for the first time, I knew to create a time for daily devotions and time for the Lord. It then becomes easier at least to ensure that I adequately invest my time in "alone time" with the Lord.

But then comes the break, then comes the routine that is no longer there, then comes a change of environment. When the routine changes, that can effect all parts of the routine, and make it difficult to stay in the Word of God.

One needs to be very purposeful that as they have a different routine, that that routine as well includes time for a personal and daily walk with the Lord.

So that's my short public service announcement.

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