Friday, December 6, 2013

Say "No" to Contentment

I bet if you had tried to count how many times someone has told you that you should be content with where you are in your life, you would have lost count a long time by now. We are constantly berated by those around us to have joy at our own state of life. But this advice is not as good as it sounds.

I am not urging you to walk around all dreary-eyed and depressed all the time. Indeed, in most cases, being content about your belongings and circumstances is the best thing for you, but not always. 

In relation to our Spiritual walk with the Lord, we should never feel content with where we are right now; instead we should always be striving for more, and a stronger relationship with the Lord. Contentment with a "good enough" relationship will ultimately mean our relationship is sure to falter dramatically. We must work to enhance that relationship and seek more, or else we will watch it deteriorate. 

So, I urge you in the area of your relationship with the Lord, say "no" to contentment. Go for a stronger relationship. 

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