Monday, April 6, 2015

It Ain't Discrimination

Easter is over. And just like Christ, the chances of me writing the next blog post on time have resurrected. In the meantime, here's a rather late blog post from the Husbandman that Laboureth. 

Indiana has created a "new" law for their state to protect religious freedom. LGBTQ advocates everywhere are claiming that this law is discriminating against them. But this is silly for two reasons. 

First, it only allows private businesses to be able to conduct business in a way that they see fit. Christian businesses have very famously refused to conduct business if that business was directly related to a homosexual wedding. 

There is nothing wrong with the Indiana government affirming the businesses' rights to not engage in sinful behavior that is the homosexual weddings. 

Second, this big new law that threatens so much discrimination is virtually identical to the federal law Religious Freedom Reformation Act (commonly called RFRA, pronouced rifra). 

There has not been a huge backlash against the RFRA law since it was established, and it has only served to protect religious businesses, like Hobby Lobby from funding contraceptives and the like. 

It's a champion for the liberty of businesses to be able to conduct themselves in ways that do not conflict with their religious convictions. It is not a discriminatory law. 

In fact, it doesn't even allow for discrimination from businesses themselves. If businesses were to refuse business to homosexuals completely, that wouldn't as far as I understand the law, fall into the scope of the law. Instead, it would be labelled as discrimination, and everyone's life would continue. 

Indeed, no matter the consequences of this law, everyone's life will continue. 

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