Monday, September 15, 2014

No Mr. Nice Guy in Politics

Politics is not a very nice game. It never really has been, and probably never will be. Politicians will continue to lambast their opponents with hyperbole and accusations.

Even during the days of a more intellectual politics at America's founding, one can find some pretty biting rebukes. In the debates between the proponents of our new constitution (Federalists) and its opponents (Anti-federalists), there seems to be much shaming on both sides. 

One of the most prevalent examples of this is Anti-Federalist Paper No. 9. Written as a satire from the perspective of a proponent to the constitution, this paper details that the "author" desires the people to have a limited voice in the government, so the better suited elite can have complete control of the government. 

This agenda is allegedly evidenced throughout the entirety of the Constitution, where the republic vests power as far away from the people as possible. 

It is an argument that one would expect from an Anti-Federalist that ultimately, the Constitution would provide power less for the people, but it is totally uncalled for to accuse the Federalists of intentionally trying to essentially leave the entire population out of the process because they think they are more qualified than the public at large. 

Yet that is what Anti-Federalist Paper No. 9 directly does. It's not a very nice argument to say the least. 

My simple point is today, don't anticipate or expect that the world of politics is going to change. There will not be a sudden revival or change that produces a completely different atmosphere in this nation. Since its very beginning, our nation has been dealing with this problem, and I honestly don't think it is the Lord's will to stop the problem before He comes. Level your expectations accordingly then, as we head into midterms this November. 

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